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Sewing is increasingly recognised as an effective way to help with anxiety and depression.

Sewing is a mindful activity

Engaging in a mindful activity like sewing can help us pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, which can improve our mental health.

A distraction from negative thoughts

When you’re crafting, you’re giving your mind a break, too. Crafters described feeling distracted or distanced from negative emotional states, as well as more relaxed.

A social activity

Loneliness has huge implications for our health, and social isolation is growing in the UK Joining a sewing group like the one Sew Cute Fabrics run on Facebook is a good way to meet people.

A creative sense of achievement

Creating something with your own hands provides a sense of accomplishment that can boost mental health. Textile crafts were found to increase self-esteem and improve the sense of wellbeing.

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